IVF is associated with a roller coaster of emotions. As a leader and a nurse, I am there to guide through the emotions in a mindful and appreciative way. Many of these emotions influence my paintings. Some show the classic representation of embryos and others a different interpretation of them hidden in a water bowl full of flowers. 

The purpose of my EmbryoArt is to give affected couples something back and pay tribute to their IVF journey. Especially to the ones that were not successful and experienced losing a child. This is a very painful experience. An implanted embryo represents life and energy. Thus, even a deceased child was alive for a short time and had its place in this world. With my artwork I would like to show that this embryo lived.

If you are interested in one of my Embryo artworks, feel free to make your order and receive a print file.

But I am also pleased to paint your very personal embryo under commission work. More infos here.

Diaspora Art

My artwork is influenced by my journey finding answers about my identity. My parents both moved to Austria in the ’70s and have been living in the Philippine Diaspora since then. Being born in Vienna and living here doesn’t automatically mean “being from here” in order to see myself as an Austrian or European. But I’ve also never felt like I was a „real“ Filipina. 

My journey in search for answers has not ended yet. And my colorful paintings show the variety of influences by different cultures. Being culturally diverse doesn’t mean something is missing, it means you’ve gained something more. My artwork is simply about that. 


Through the sepia effect the pictures seem like embodiments of our memories. On top of that, it’s amazing what you can do with such a natural thing as coffee, that is easily accessible and used.

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