The Artist behind Lisa Ante Arts. Vienna

©️Lisa Ante

Lisa Ante Pangan, professional IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) Nurse and a fresh enthusiastic Artist who has a flair for Infused Art. 

My artwork is influenced by my journey finding answers about my identity. As a self-taught artist in visual arts I started painting with Gouache in 2019. 
Changing colors, shapes and the ongoing process makes this art style interesting. Similar to emotions, water-based paints are never easy to control, but they’re a part of our being. 

The stories behind my artwork revolve around EmbryoArt and DiasporaArt. 

And then later I discovered CoffeePainting in its uniqueness. 


Giving back to affected couples and paying tribute to the IVF journey by expressing through art that an embryo has lived. Showing gratitude for life through my FlowerEmbryoArt. 

A personal approach to the Filipino Culture captured piece by piece through what defines me: farewells, memories and emotional worlds. 

Through the sepia effect the pictures seem like embodiments of our memories. On top of that, it’s amazing what you can do with such a natural thing as coffee, that is easily accessible and used.

Coffee Painting Workshop

Coffeepainting has not only brought the inner creative out but has also become a popular way to bond with your group of friends or colleagues. You can book your team building, community building or shop event with me.